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Security measures

There are concrete ways to avoid drowning.

We suggest that you apply the following safety measures to make your swimming pools safe.

NEVER leave a child unattended

Are you going to be away for even a minute while swimming? Leave the supervision of children to another adult. The presence of a wireless phone near the pool will prevent you from leaving the premises.

Properly fence your pool

Most drownings of young children occur in their homes, outside of bathing hours. The Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulations Opening a PDF document in a new window (21 KB) is primarily intended to control access to residential swimming pools. This is a determining factor in preventing the risk of drowning, especially in children under five. However, municipalities can, if they wish, adopt more stringent standards in their territory.

Check with your municipality for the regulations in force.

Gear up in life jackets

Toys and props that help float, such as inflated armbands or noodles, are not an effective measure to prevent drowning in children. Only approved life jackets are reliable. Please note, these vests do not replace parental supervision!

Recognize the signs of drowning

Drowning is the condition resulting from the entry of water into the respiratory tract. It can occur in seconds and in just a few inches of water.

A child in distress does not call for help and appears to be playing in the water. His body is in an upright position, his arms are making vigorous movements, but his eyes are expressing panic.

Learn first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation can save a life if these procedures are performed within 10 minutes of drowning.

Establish rules for your pool

  1. Do not allow swimming without adult supervision.
  2. Do not allow dives if your pool is not designed for this purpose.
  3. Do not leave any toys in the pool outside of bathing hours.
  4. Check that the doors are properly closed and locked when leaving the pool.


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