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Who are we ?

The Urban Planning Advisory Committee is an organisation mandated by the municipal council to give advice upon the requests they receive in regards to urbanism and layout of the territory. The Urban Planning Advisory Committee is in charge of studying and recommending upon request of minor derogations, request of authorisation to the CPTAQ and other diversified cases regarding urbanism.

The CCU meets once a month, every second Monday at 1:30 p.m. To submit a request to the Urban Planning Advisory Committee, please complete the form and return it with all the documents necessary for your request, at least 10 days before the meeting of the Committee.

For more information, please contact the Urban Planning Department at or by phone at 450-242-2704 p. 24.

Members of the Urban Planning Advisory Committee

Regular members

  • Seat #1 – Gilles Asselin, Councillor
  • Seat #2 – Eddy Whitcher, Councillor
  • Seat #3 – Anthony Zitzmann
  • Seat #4 – Sylvie Hébert
  • Seat #5 – Tim Goforth
  • Seat #6 – Monique Dutil
  • Seat #7 – Christine Chaput, citizen and vice-president of the Committee

Additional members

The following people are also members of the Planning Advisory Committee:

Mr. Jules Varin, Town Planner and Municipal Inspector

Mr. Denis Vaillancourt, Mayor*

* The Mayor of the Municipality is automatically a member of the Committee. He also has an optional right to vote within the Committee*

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