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Important: If you cannot dispose of bulky items (see the list of rejected materials below), you can go to one of the eco-centers in the region.

A service for bulky items (large waste) is offered in the municipality of West Bolton. You can find the two collection dates in the calendar.

A few guidelines

  •  Put all the small objects in boxes.
  • Place the items outside the day before the collection, by the side of the road.
  • Truckers are not allowed to enter your home.
  • Place the items somewhere where they are sheltered from the weather or cover them with a tarpaulin.
  • If possible, do not put your items by the curb before the collection day.
  • You don’t need to be at home on collection day.

Accepted items

List of refused materials

  • Furniture, sofas, small electrical appliances, electrical wires, metals, small items (tools, toys, CDs, dishes, trinkets …)
  • Electronic equipment (cell phones, computers …)
  • Reusable building materials: doors, windows, toilets, skirting boards, sinks, other recyclable materials
  • Sporting goods, bikes
  • Electric storage devices, car batteries
  • Mattresses, box springs, carpets, barbecues, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, water heaters
  • Food scraps, organic waste
  • Large electrical appliances
  • Aggregates, rocks, concrete, asphalt, shingles
  • Hazardous household waste: oils, paints, pesticides, batteries, propane tanks, tires
  • Building materials, wood
  • Oversized items: sailboats, manure spreaders, trailers…


  • Reusable building materials: doors, windows, toilets, baseboards, sinks, other recyclable materials
  • Electric accumulators, automotive batteries
  • Electronic equipment (cell, computers, television)
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