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In order to protect the quality of West-Bolton’s water, vegetation and our environment, the municipality has decided to regulate the spreading of fertilizer on lawns as well as the use of pesticides. Please note that the spreading of fertilizer mentioned in this by-law does not apply to the farmers and cultivators already regulated by the MAPAQ. Thus, it is necessary to consult the by-law or speak with the Municipal Inspector in order to obtain the appropriate information that would apply in your particular case.

Prohibition, authorisation and fines

The chart below globally illustrates the prohibited usage of pesticides, the authorized group of people and the others, requiring a permit.  If this by-law is not respected, expect to get a fine of up to $2000 if you are a citizen, and $4000 if you are a contractor.

Green sprout growing from ground, new or start or beginning concept

Prohibited uses

Aside from the exception of the authorized group of people previously mentioned, no application of pesticides outdoor is allowed on the territory. No application of fertilizer on the lawns is allowed on the territory, either.

Uses authorized without a permit

The following exceptions are authorized, without the acquisition of a permit from the municipality:

  • Pesticides having very low impact, soil-enriching agent and domestic compost.
  • Work done inside or outside a building as followed:
  • Insect repellent application, rat poison and domestic usage of sealed bait tins to eliminate ants.
  • Insecticide collars for animals.
  • The application of pesticide on a railway network or electrical transmitting network for security measure only;
  • In public or private pools or cocooned artificial ponds.

Uses authorized with a permit

The usage of the following fertilizers and pesticides are authorized by obtaining a permit from the municipality:

  • For the purpose of horticultural cultivation;
  • In case of a major infestation putting in jeopardy the health and survival states of botanical plants;
  • To control or block plants that constitute a danger to humans who are allergic to them;
  • For the application of fertilizer on the lawns;
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