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Invasive plant and adverse health effects

Giant hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) was introduced to the American continent for horticultural reasons and first recorded in Quebec in 1990.

In Quebec, it is an invasive exotic plant. Its sap contains toxins. The latter are activated by light and make the skin extremely sensitive to the sun, causing damage to superficial skin cells (burn-like, painful and sometimes serious lesions).

To find out how to properly identify this plant, how to limit its spread in your environment and what measures to take in the event of exposure *, consult the website of the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change (MDDELCC) by clicking on the following link:

We also invite you to report to the Planning Manager and municipal inspector any suspicion of the presence of this plant on your property. A visit will be made to confirm its presence and establish a plan for its eradication.

* Source: Ministry of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change

Giant hogweed

Source: MAPAQ.

Giant hogweed

Source: MDDELCC.

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